Urban Gardening: Green Thumbs Abound at AMS

Urban Gardening: Green Thumbs Abound at AMS

While some may shy away from the hard work of gardening, there is something profound about having a garden of your own.  The flowers are more vibrant, the food tastes better, and watching things grow gives amazing satisfaction.  Lindley Karstens from noproblemgarden.com expresses it beautifully:

Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.

As therapeutic as gardening can be, it can also add to the beauty of a home immensely.  Here at Ann McCulloch Studio, everyone has been busy this spring and summer putting in new gardens of all sizes and kinds and tending to the old ones.  They are all much different but each has a unique charm all its own.

Ann has been in her home for awhile but decided to update her garden by adding raised beds and a beautiful new trellis.  These gardens sit right out the windows of our office so we always have a lovely view while we are hard at work.


right: three new raised garden beds filled with flowers, vegetables, fruit, and herbs – left: custom trellises Ann designed herself

above: close up of the raised beds

Ann also has gardens surrounding the whole house and creates beautiful floral arrangements that adorn the interiors.  Here are a few more pictures from the rest of her gardens.

above: water feature tucked into the greenery


above: roses and clematis wind up the trellises along the garage wall

above & below: raised beds planted with an array of vegetables flank the driveway (this is a great way to add a garden without taking up valuable yard space)


Arley and her fiancé, Brian, recently purchased their first home and Arley has made it her mission to transform the whole back yard into the perfect place to relax or host a party.  

photo 2-1

above & below: before photos

photo 3-1

As you can see, it’s nice to have a furry friend to help you out with gardening tasks such as, checking for the best sun exposure and digging holes.

photo 4

above: rock lined fire pit – below: ready to put in grass

photo 5

The finishing results are a lovely space to enjoy with family and friends.  Great work Arley, mission accomplished!

photo 3-2

above: outdoor dining/seating area – below: thriving vegetable garden

photo 4-1

below: view of the finished yard

photo 1-2

Katie and her boyfriend, Justen, also recently purchased their first home, but with a much smaller outdoor space.  It is quite common in urban areas to not have much space to work with, but there are plenty of creative ideas to make the most of it!  Getting planters that you can move around makes a small space more versatile and utilizing any horizontal area leaves room for entertaining.


above: vertical planter created from a recycled shipping pallet filled with herbs, lettuce seeds, and flowers.

above: panorama of the outdoor space – moveable planters filled with flowers, vegetables, and fruit
Hopefully viewing these photos inspired you to get out and garden!  Whether you have an acre to work with or just a sunny windowsill, think about adding some plants to enhance your surroundings.  We would love to see your garden and/or discuss any gardening ideas that you may have so please feel free share!