A masterplan is a custom-tailored design for your entire residential property that is designed around you and how you want to live your life. All successful master plans start with a detailed collaborative planning process. I find out about you and your life; how you like to use your home; and your plans for the future; your budget; and your hopes and dreams for the space. Using this information I create a few initial loose schematic designs for us to explore. This allows us to be fluid with ideas — looking at the project as a whole — without spending a lot of money. These schematics can also sometimes give us guidance in terms of budget. We can show them to contractors to get a rough idea of the cost of different solutions. Once we have an idea of the type of layout that works best for you, more details are worked out and the drawings are refined. Finally, construction documents are drafted and I can work with you through the building phases of the project.

A couple of ways we focus on value: We like to figure out the minimal amount of space needed to accommodate the many ways you and your family may live. Oftentimes many activities can be accommodated in smaller amount of space that one might initially think. By creating hard-working, resourceful and elegant solutions, we don’t need to build as big or use as much. In addition, having a master plan allows you to phase out the work that you’d like to see done. Doing everything at once can be cost-prohibitive, but having a plan allows you to focus on your priorities while laying the groundwork for what you want to happen in the future. By knowing the systems and structural changes that will need to be in place, and installing or leaving a place for them, it keeps you have having to go backward — taking down a wall because you didn’t foresee needing it for a plumbing wall for instance — as you move forward with future phases.

A house is there to support the life you want. We make that happen not just for today and tomorrow but for many years to come.